March 09, 2016

The Fundamentals of Using Facebook and likes kaufen

Facebook is a social network that lets you connect with friends, colleagues and others who have similar interests to yours. Many use this network as a way to keep in touch after sharing a day at school, at the office or simply as a way to share public life as if it were a blog. What makes Facebook different from other social networks is apart from its popularity, its privacy controls, application platform that connect to this network and its user base, making it the planet's largest social network. Like many other similar social networks, Facebook is constantly developing new features, tools and enhancements of their service.

Facebook was also a hot ticket item in the news lately because of companies like Facebook vows it is plagued by like buying and vows to remove them every few months or so.

Other social networks like Twitter or Tumblr, the purpose of Facebook is to make you contact with others. Fortunately for newer users, Facebook has created easy ways to find your friends among them include the use of their names, email accounts or contact lists in applications that connect to your Facebook account.

To start adding friends to Facebook, many of which may already be in this network, it is advisable to operate in different ways. You can use your email account more actively i.e. that you use more often which could be your Hotmail or Gmail. As anyone who has an account on Facebook needs an email address to register on this network to give Facebook permission to use your contacts in your email preference and make the time you spend adding friends rather it is shortened. If you don’t like this method or prefer an alternative, you can also find your friends with the people finder option on Facebook.

Once you have added, you must complete your profile. I advise you do this before you get to search for friends so that they can more easily identify the person requesting them for friendship on Facebook, that is, they may recognize in seconds. For your profile picture, you can use any image you like, but Facebook would prefer that you use a real photo of yourself. Completing the rest of your profile is as simple as filling out the form on any website. If you've already joined other social networks, you probably already imagined the kind of information that will be asked. You are not required to include a mini biography, so do not feel you have to do that now. Of course, you must remember that the more information you include, the easier it will for others to find you.

Remember that your privacy is important, so either set options like Facebook Delivery to prevent unwanted people from accessing your most personal information. Note that Facebook constantly updates options to control what others can see, so it is not needed to review your data constantly and you ensure that you are not exposing the sight of all those details as your address, phone or other information you prefer to book.

About offers great packages to get Facebook likes or as my favorite German company is called: likes kaufen so that you can enhance your brand value and be more credible among your targeted audience.

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February 07, 2015

Learn Some Important Facebook Terms

This glossary contains the terms used in Facebook with their precise definition and explanation which will be very useful regarding the better usage and experience on this social network.

FAcebook like


A tag is a user ID included in the content you have shared to identify one or more of your friends. Usually, the tags are used in photos and videos, but they can also be included in other situations such as when registering or visiting a shop or a restaurant. It is one of the most used functions on Facebook.


Are the activities to which a Facebook user is invited or those that are created by himself/herself. They are considered for events like birthdays of contacts of a person and they appear in the calendar of upcoming events.


FAcebook like

These are the images that a person or page comes up with on Facebook account. These can be uploaded from a desktop, taken by a webcam or any of the mobile photo applications available for mobile phones.


It is about sets of Facebook users who share tastes and interests. The members of a group can exchange messages, photos and news about the subject on which the group is formed.

Friends Lists

These are the sets of contacts, grouped under a list that allows easy identification. It is also useful to separate conversations and better protect the privacy of a person on Faceboook.


Facebook Like

Similar to the lists of friends, the lists of interests in Facebook are used to group topics and news of interest published by Pages on Facebook. They are useful to filter the amount of information that you receive in your News column.


These are the conversations between users of Facebook. These are saved in the inbox of a profile. You can send messages via the website and mobile applications for Facebook.


It is the individual space for every user where their updates appear and those that are published by his/her friends. At present, this personal space is known as Timeline.

News Feed

In this, the set of updates, news, videos and photos posted by friend appear as you follow those pages. These appear when you enter Facebook, in the center column of the window.


FAcebook Like

These are profiles specifically created for brands, businesses, services, organizations, artists and freelancers on Facebook. These types of accounts are those that are recommended to connect with consumers and get the followers. It is considered to be the worst mistakes if a company does not create a page on Facebook.


It is the name given to each individual and personal account of those who use Facebook. Many use it to refer to their own and others when they speak of their personal biography.

Last Words

These are a few terms which are necessary to learn for the Facebook users and if you need more info, you can visit likes kaufen to learn more about the uses of Facebook and Likes.


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